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Desktop water purifier case

The desktop water purifier is quickly recognized by consumers because its installation position is not restricted by water source, self-heating function and simple maintenance. The market share of the products has risen rapidly. Therefore, many famous water purification brands have increased their products. R.

With the expansion of the market and the upgrading of consumption, users have gradually put forward higher quality requirements for products, because after extensive use of customer research, they are often placed in the living room and study room, so there is a strong demand for noise. . The core component that constrains this problem is the diaphragm booster pump. In response to this thorny issue, H&K Company of the United States commissioned us to provide targeted solutions.

After receiving the demand of H&K Company of the United States, we quickly organized the technical department to analyze the structure of the desktop water purifier and the characteristics of the water purification process, and formulated the performance standards and production processes of the diaphragm booster pump. After many tests and modifications, we will The sample diaphragm booster pump is sent to the H&K testing center, and the performance indicators fully meet the requirements.

Now, this product is not only perfect for H&K’s desktop water purifier products, but also gradually serves other similar products, Bishuiyuan and Lake Electric are in use.

If you are interested in H&K products, please contact us and we will arrange for you to contact them and business docking.