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      The Juntech diaphragm booster pump is designed by experienced Taiwanese engineers with diaphragm material technology offered by ExxonMobil. It is a kinof high-quality pump that is manufactured through a scientific and rigorous production process. It owns many excellent characteristics such as small vibration, low noise, long life, sustainable operation etc.

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Product Description

Standard performance parameter:

Specification model Operating Voltage Interface mode Inlet pressure Work pressure Rated operating current Rated working water flow Blocking work pressure Maximum operating current Noise/1m
JUN77-RSBD0-100G 24V DC 3/8″ NPT 0 MPa  0.5 MPa ≦1.5 A ≧900mL/min 0.9-1.1MPa 2.5A ≦ 47dB


Pump advantages and characteristics:

The pump passes through the trouble-free test of a continuous operation for 2000 hours.

The motor passes through the trouble-free test of a continuous operation for 10000 hours.

Operating noise is as low as 44Db.

Pump head can withstand the pressure up to 400PSI (normal working pressure is 70PSI).


Production advantage:

From the overall assembly of diaphragm booster pumps to the production of motor components, the company has a complete automated production, inspection and storage system with a daily output of 10,000 units, which can fully meet the requirements of customers in terms of order quantity and supply speed.

Furthermore, the company owns a team of experienced technical engineers who can quickly respond to customer needs and provide samples of diaphragm booster pumps within one day and develop appropriate production processes.



Pump performance curve:

JUNTECH water pump curve graph of Flow and Current against PSI


 A represents CurrentA;L represents FlowL/MIN;PSI represents Pressure (Pounds per Square Inch)


Note: The performance parameters of this pump are measured at the water inlet temperature of 70 °F (21 °C), the pressure of 0 PSI, and the standard 24 Vdc of DC voltage. The test liquid is water.

The line graph describes data about water flow and electric current against PSI.As can be seen from the graph that with operating voltage 24v and the outlet pressure arrives at 70 PSI, the working flow is 1.6 L/MIN (0.26GPM) and the instant current is 2.08 AMPS.


Dimensional  drawing:

If the diaphragm booster pump has special performance requirements for flow or pressure, we can customize it according to customer requirements. We can provide pumps with the highest pressure to 300PSI, but the life of the pump will be shortened under extreme conditions. Please consult our technology for detailed parameters. engineer.

Model explanation:


Applicable industry:

Water treatment / reverse osmosis, carbonization system, beverage / coffee system, vending, dispensing, hydroponic / pneumatic training, atomization system, humidification, HVAC coil cleaning, medical laboratory water, autoclave test system, endoscopy Post-mirror treatment/chemical enhancement, dialysis chemical injection, methanol and water injection