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Clean water
Clean water

Tibet is located in the southwestern part of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. It is a vast territory with a sparsely populated area. The villages and towns are far apart, and the municipal facilities are weak. The drinking water sources of the residents are mostly rivers or lakes. The multi-pump structure reverse osmosis water purifier is designed for remote areas without municipal water purification facilities. Each unit uses 8 JUN77-ROBD0-400G silent booster pumps.
Eight 400-gallon long-acting RO membranes, this multi-unit structure effectively reduces the rate of equipment water failure, even if there is a group of damage, other units can still supply water.

The equipment adopts five-stage progressive physical purification system, food-grade sanitary materials to prevent secondary pollution; fully automatic safe water production, automatic shutdown of water, automatic water shortage, and about 75L of purified water after water stop; LED display Microcomputer intelligent control;

A single unit can meet the drinking needs of about 600 people. Applicable to small villages, institutions, schools, hospitals, hotels, factories, enterprises, stations and other public places.

If you need more water purification equipment, please consult our technical engineer.