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Field water purification equipment

The dynamic water purification equipment is used for the treatment of surface water and groundwater. The ultrafiltration + reverse osmosis water production process is very suitable for field workers, which can effectively ensure the safety of personnel drinking water and avoid disease transmission.

The power supply can be used in various ways such as battery, solar energy, and vehicle power supply. It is flexible and easy to use.

The equipment uses our RS Series 400G anti-blocking self-priming pump to meet drinking water for around 50-80 people per day.

The self-priming pump used in this equipment is specially customized according to the characteristics of the equipment, and has the following characteristics:


  • High temperature resistance, ambient temperature below 70 degrees can be used to prevent the sun from overheating, causing equipment temperature rise and failure.
  • Waterproof, the pump adopts a more strict sealing form, and the pump can be used normally even if it is immersed in water.