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Laboratory pure equipment

Laboratory ultra-pure water machine is a laboratory water purification equipment, widely used in chemical, biological, pharmaceutical, medical, microelectronics, semiconductor and other fields, to meet spectral analysis, chromatographic analysis, cell culture, protein purification, molecular biology, etc. Application requirements in the field.

The deionized water prepared by the water system should have a resistivity of >16MΩ.cm, and the ultrapure water resistivity should reach 18.2MΩ.cm. The water quality conforms to GB/T 6682-2008, GB/T33087-2016, ASTM, CAP, CLSI, Class I water quality standards developed by EP and USP.

When designing and manufacturing laboratory ultra-pure water equipment, all parts must be strictly selected to avoid secondary pollution, especially the choice of water pump, not only to operate stably, but also to affect the normal operation of other instruments. Our company’s water pump has passed the EMC electromagnetic compatibility test and is the designated accessory product of many well-known laboratory equipment manufacturers.