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Industry-pioneering Movable Field Water-purifying Equipment

The movable water-purifying equipment, which can be used for surface water and groundwater treatment, is especially applicable to field use by adopting an ultrafiltration + reverse osmosis (RO) water production process to ensure safe drinking and avoid infection of disease. It can be driven by battery, solar energy, vehicle power supply and other means that are dismountable in use under various conditions. With a RS-Series 400G anti-jamming self-priming pump , the equipment can fulfill a daily water use for about 50-80 persons.

It is the optimal choice for water use under emergent circumstances, such as field camping, construction operation and post-disaster reconstruction.



The self-sucking pump for the equipment can be customized according to specific application characteristics, and has the following features:

1、Resistance to high temperature – it can be applied at an ambient temperature less than 70 degrees, which can effectively prevent equipment failure due to high temperature from direct exposure to the sunshine.

2、Waterproof – by adopting a more stringent seal form, the water pump can operate normally even submerged in water.