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ptb-3 Steel pump tank

NSF58/61, CE/PDE certified and RoHS compliant, enhanced high quality rubber compartment, dual valve protection, comprehensive testing of the production line, stainless steel water outlet, epoxy advanced paint coating, O-sealed air valve cover

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Product Description



          Having the Pump Tank of pressure tanks connected with the pump; utilize the diaphragm in the pressure tank and volume space to balance the system pressure ,in order to avoid the frequent start-up and extend the life of water pumps and pipeline systems

        ♦ The Pump Tank series of pressure tanks may be used for the water pump system, booster system and prevention of water hammer

       ♦ The Pump Tank series pf pressure tanks have passed multiple tests in the production line in order to ensure the quality of each pressure tank.


       ♦ The durable anticorrosive isolation layer of the Pump Tank series of pressure tanks is mainly structured by the strengthened high-quality butyl diaphragm, polypropylene liner and stainless steel interface; its internal composition may increase the wear-resistance of parts in the process of operation and effectively avoid the breakage of isolation layer.


 Maximum Working Pressure : 10bar / 145psi                                                      Also available in 16 and 25 bar

All connections are stainless steel #304 material

Factory Pre-set Pressure : 1.5 bar / 21psi ±2psi ~ 4bar /57psi ±2psi