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Automatic liquid machine

Liquid self-service vending machines are self-service public devices that can be placed in campuses, hospitals, communities, and other locations. Convenience and economy are the biggest features of this equipment. This equipment is suitable for selling all the cleaning products we need every day. From drinking water, laundry detergent, hand soap to detergent, no one can sell. The equipment is generally placed in the public corridor. , land, community supermarkets and other places, to facilitate you to buy and use at any time.

When purchasing the washing liquid, the user needs to bring the container, and determine the purchase amount according to the usual usage amount. The price of the washing liquid purchased is only the general price of the sales hall or the supermarket, which not only saves the expenses but also reduces the environmental pollution of the plastic packaging.

The self-priming JUN77 series diaphragm booster pump is the best choice for this type of machine and is suitable for viscous liquid delivery.