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Development prospects of small sewage pumps

The requirements for the development of sewage pumps are to increase efficiency, reduce energy consumption and make full use of natural energy. Replacing multiple small pumps with one large pump can improve unit efficiency, save materials, reduce energy consumption and engineering cost, and facilitate automated management. Therefore, various large axial flow pumps and mixed flow pumps have developed rapidly. The maximum impeller diameters are 4.6 meters and 6.2 meters respectively, and the supporting power is up to 12,500 kilowatts. The mixed flow pump has replaced some high lift axial flow pumps and low lift centrifugal pumps. trend. In the deep well water lifting, the main development of the sewage pump, its maximum diameter has reached 1 meter, and some use 6000 volt high-voltage motor, the maximum power of 2500 kW. Water wheel pumps, wind pump pumps, screw pumps, diaphragm pumps driven by various human and animal forces, piston pumps and sewage pumps dedicated to the same sprinkler irrigation equipment have also received varying degrees of attention in China and other countries.