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Constant voltage regulated water supply case

The pressure-assist tank is an important auxiliary component that prevents the pump from starting frequently and prolongs the service life of the pump. It uses the characteristics of the air to change its volume with the change of external pressure, and uses external force to store the water in the pressure tank. Since the compression ratio of the gas is much larger than that of water, when the gas in the pressure tank is compressed by an external force, the volume is reduced, and more space stores water. When the external force disappears, the compressed gas expands to squeeze out the stored water. In this way, the storage capacity of the gas compressed space is matched with the water pump, which will effectively prevent the pump from starting frequently and reduce the pressure fluctuation of the water pipeline.

Good quality pressure-assist tanks must have the characteristics of pressure resistance, no air leakage, and no odor. These characteristics are closely related to the production process and materials. The water supply project of the China National Machinery Import and Export Corporation Headquarters Complex uses our pressure-assist tanks. A total of 18 floors, 4 underground floors, building height of 80 meters, the final choice of our company PTB-24, PTB-150 pressure tank with water pump.